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Kelley Steel Erectors, Inc.

Kelley Steel Erectors, Inc, founded over 54 years ago, has combined skilled workers with quality machines to lift, lower and place over 5 million tons of structural steel and precast concrete panels in structures all over the world. What began as a small steel erection company in I958 has grown to become one of the top steel erection and crane rental companies in the United States.  


A surge in the construction of high-rise buildings in the 1960s helped the company steadily grow during its early years. Just a few of the buildings Kelley Steel erected in the Cleveland area during the 1960s and early 1970s include the precast facade on Cleveland State University’s Library Tower, the IMG building downtown, the Tower East office building in Shaker Heights,]ohn Kennedy  School, the Bond Court building downtown, Glenville High School, the Diamond Shamrock building down town, St. Ann’s Hospital in Cleveland Heights and the Crystal Towers building in East Cleveland. The 24—story Central National Bank building downtown was another large project that involved 4,700 tons of structural steel and placement work. The company also began working on projects in the Western Pennsylvania area during the 1960s including the Seneca Power Plant in Warren, which it erected in 1967, and the 27-story Allegheny Tower apartment and office complex in Pittsburgh, which involved the erection of 2,500 tons of structural steel.


During the 1970s, Kelley Steel focused mainly on the construction of power stations and steel mills. It erected every Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co. (CEI) power plant along Ohio’s Lake Erie shore, including the Ashtabula, Eastlake, Lakeshore and Avon Lake plants, the latter of which involved the erection of approximately 7,000 tons of structural steel and the placement of all reinforcing steel.  When Kelley Steel-erected CE.I’s Perry Nuclear Power Plant, it required the hoisting and placement 600-ton condenser sections. The company also erected several major power stations along the Ohio River. The three in West Virginia were the Ft. Martin Power Station in Morgantown, the Pleasant Power Station in Willow Island, for which it erected approximately 40,000 tons of structural steel and placed 16,000 tons of rein forcing steel, grating and decking, and the Harrison Power Station in Haywood, for which it erected 27,000 tons of structural steel and placed 16,000 tons of reinforcing steel.


In addition, Kelley Steel branched out by erecting power stations in Florida. It erected approximately 8,000 tons of structural steel for the Seminole Electric Power Station in Palatka, Florida and over 11,000 tons of structural steel  for the St. ]ohns River Power Park in Jacksonville, Florida.  The St. ]ohns project also required the company to install pulverizer mills and soot blowers and to hoist a 420  ton main steam drum 232 feet above the ground.  The steel mills Kelley Steel erected during the 19705 were often very large jobs. The largest involved the erection of 58,000 tons of structural steel, which is three times the amount needed for a 46-story high-rise building. In Cleveland, the company erected the Republic Steel hot strip mill, which involved 27,000 tons of structural steel, three furnaces and all overhead cranes.


By the 1980s Kelley Steel was rewarded with some high visibility projects including the current British Petroleum (BP) Building in downtown Cleveland. The 630-foot-high company headquarters required the erection of 22,000 tons of structural steel, as well as an 8-story atrium comprised of heavy pipe trusses. In addition, the company erected 18,000 tons of structural steel for the famous 65—story 900 North Michigan Avenue high-rise building in Chicago, Illinois where the many challenges included high winds and blizzard conditions.


During the 1990s Kelley Steel added even more services to its list of specialties. Today, that list includes the fabrication and installation of steel, pipe and sheet metal; the placing of metal and precast concrete decking; the setting 3 of machinery and equipment; millwright work and turbine erection; boiler and condenser erection; and blast furnace erection. The company is qualified to do code work on repairing boiler, pressure piping and pressure vessels. It also carries a Certificate of Authorization from The American Society of Mechanical Engineers and is approved by the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.


From 2000 onward, Kelley Steel has continued their tradition of building an impressive list of projects including The World Golf Hall of Fame in Jacksonville, Florida, The Cleveland Clinic Heart Center, Glickman Tower, University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, The Cleveland Museum of Art new addition, Fairview Hospital, A 1.3 Million sq. ft. Lowe’s Distribution Center, The New Eaton World Headquarters, as well as power station work for Allegheny Energy in West Virginia and a New power station for P.S.E.G. in Indiana, and the Erection of windmills for the wind power generation industry.

Since it was incorporated in 1958, Kelley Steel has handled a wide variety of jobs, both large and small, and some of the largest and toughest projects in the country. But whether the structure required only 100 tons of steel or more than 58,000 tons, it was given the attention it needed to stand strong for many decades to come by a company that has stood strong for over five of them.