Kelley Steel Erectors, 7220 Division St Cleveland, OH 44146-5406
Phone: 440-232-9595       Fax : 440-232-0272

Kelley Steel



Kelley Steel Erectors, Inc. performs the following services:

  • Scope of Operations
  • Erecting structural steel
  • Placing reinforcing steel
  • Erecting precast concrete panels
  • Placing metal and precast concrete decking
  • Setting machinery and equipment
  • Millrght work and turbine erection
  • Boiler and condenser erection
  • Blast furnace erection and dismantling
  • Controlled demolition of steel structures
  • Crane rentals and other Kelley owned equipment

We own the finest and largest steel erecting equipment in the business, including cranes from 6 ton capacity to 600 ton capacity.


Personnel Our permanent payroll includes 30 job superintendents. Each have more than 20 years experience on all types of steel work. 

When Kelley contracts a job, we don't have to shop around for capable supervision or equipment -- we have it!