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Kelley Steel


Company Profile

Kelley Steel Erectors, Inc., founded over 50 years ago, has combined skilled workers with quality tools and machines to lift, lower and place over 5 million tons of structural steel in structures all around the nation. What began as a small steel erection company in 1958 has grown to become one of the top steel erection companies in the United States. The company was founded by Garen N. Kelley, who, when he was 36 years old, was motivated to start his own steel erection company and secured Kelley Steel’s first job erecting steel for a new McDonald’s restaurant. Beginning with that first job, he created a standing objective for every Kelley project that still endures today: “ to execute the job properly in minimum time and the lowest cost, to avoid interference with the owners operations and to finish the project ahead of schedule when material is available.”


It is an objective that helped propel Kelley Steel to become a prominent leader in the construction industry. Today, it self-preforms a variety of industrial and commercial construction services for the steel, power, manufacturing, chemical, mining and environmental industries under the leadership of the founder’s son Michael J. Kelley.

Michael Kelley began working for the company at the age of 15 as a boilmaker in the construction of steel mills. By the time he was 18 years old he was a member of the Ironworkers Union and was working for Kelley steel projects all over Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Florida and Illinois, specializing in steel mills, powerhouses and high rise construction. Kelley joined the company full time at the age of 21. He received his degree from John Carroll University, and eventually stopped working at the construction sites and moved into administration and management. He became the company's President in 1992.


Kelley Steel’s reputation and enterprise in its field has led it to increasingly larger projects with larger tonnage, as well as a lager market area. And while Kelley Steel has stayed focused on its niche of the erection and placement of structural and reinforcing steel and concrete panels, it has consistently been able to forecast and react to upcoming trends in the market. The company has remained versatile and open to change, phasing in other services as its saw a need for them in the construction industry.