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Kelley Steel


Values, Vision & Mission


There are many reasons why Kelley Steel is successful, including careful planning, hard work and quality service. Since it erects a building structure and therefore sets the base on a construction project, it also enforces a strict adherence to timelines and budgets. Safety precautions are not compromised, but instead are diligently enforced. The company has an enviable safety record and has received safety awards from nearly every state in which it has operated.


Kelley Steel is also innovative in its approach to projects. Everyone is performed differently according to what is best for the individual client. It effectively communicates with its clients and other project contractors, making their needs the company’s main concern. This close working relationship and high level of service save its clients both valuable time and money. In addition the company maintains the equipment and manpower needed to preform both small and large projects, in particular those categorized by what are called “the three Ds”- Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult.


Another key to the company’s continuing success is its ability to think long-term and subsequently to reinvest its resources. Not only does it invest its profits in equipment, we also reinvest in what it considers its most valuable resource- its employees. We realize that we cannot accomplish our objective without an experienced and talented staff.


By refusing to subcontract its jobs, the company not only maintains quality control, but also supports the unions. Employees who have numbered anywhere from 50 to 2,000 over the years depending upon the amount of projects, are all members of a union, whether they are ironmakers, boilmakers, pipefitters, sheet metal workers, operating engineers, carpenters, laborers or teamsters. And every one of the company’s job superintendents has more than 20 years of experience on all types of steel work. When Kelley Steel contracts a project we don’t have to search for talent, we have it.